Orlandi’s Monday: Home, Sweet Home…

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My name’s Orlandi, Andrea Orlandi, and I love this oportunity to explain my experience in England.

Friends, things are starting to go well. At last, I’ve got my family here… and my own place! Farewell, hotels, farewell! However, I bet five against one I am in possession of the number of movings World’s Record (or British, at least): I made seven since I live in UK, and think I was five years in Swansea! A new place every year without even leave the neighbouhood. But I’d rather to stay positive: I hope to live at my new home for a long time, which would mean things are going great in Blackpool. In addiction, that will prevent my girlfriend to become divorced from me even before marriage. The poor girl has already gained her entrance to Heaven.

We are four at home: my partner Laura and our daughters Norah, who is two and a half, and Emma, three months. If you have family, you know what having them close to you means. I hadn’t seen my girls for a month and, when I arrived at the hotel where they were waiting for me last Tuesday night, pissed off after losing the match in Shrewsbury, my face lit up again watching them sleeping. I didn’t want to wake them up until next morning. You should’ve seen Norah’s reaction! She run and held me tight for two silent minutes. That hug, Laura’s smile and Emma’s sleeping presence recharged my batteries and took any bad moment away… Ups, I don’t want to go too much tender. I prefer to tell you about the messy things, which are not few…

By the way, Laura wants everybody, EVERYBODY, to know that I haven’t opened a single moving box. In other words, she wants all the merit of having our «mansion» in order. Oh, women… you can’t live with or without them! That’s what my father-in-law always says, I hope he doesn´t sue me for plagiarism.

But let’s talk about football. We lost in Shrewsbury, yeah, against a rival from a lower division. The bad taste in our mouths is hard to explain. The truth is we played a bad game and we spent the whole week analyzing what happened. You don’t know how complicated English Cup matches are! I want to say thanks to all the fans who came to Shrewsbury to give us their support, as well as the people who did the same last Saturday against Blackburn, because we deserved to win, lost again and found an incredible backing from the supporters. I couldn’t play because I didn’t make a proper pre-season, I have muscle fatigue and we decided to stop, in order to avoid injuries. So I was at the stand and I started focused on the game, buy I ended focused on the supporters. I’m going to repeat it: THANK YOU. Watching people cheering up, no matter the result, is absolutely helpful. And it will help.

I also want to say something that affects me personally, share it with everyone of you and even make you part of it. When I was playing in Swansea, I met a family who helped me a lot with my adaptation to the town. I received a LOT of support, but the Catherine Dyer family was special. She had three amazing children: Andrew, Nicola and Claire. Nicola is deaf-mute, and my biggest fan ever. I don’t exaggerate if I say I’ve got 1500 pictures of us! Claire, also a Swansea superfan, has autism. As you can imagine, she needs to be close to her people, her family… but an absurd and inexplicable decision has sent her to a mental illness centre in Brighton, five hours away from her beloved beings. This resolution has shattered the whole family. I want to ask from here they send Claire back to where she has to be, which is Swansea. Keep Claire in Swansea!!!

You can show your support signing a claim via this link: [http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/abertawe-bro-morgannwg-health-board-keep-claire-who-has-autism-and-challenging-behaviour-in-wales-where-she-wants-to-be-close-to-us-her-family]. You can be sure they deserve all your support and help.

Well, it’s almost time to finish and I need to stop the flow and speak about football! We haven’t won yet… but I can tell you the team atmosphere is that of a great family. Everybody gets on well with everybody, which is great. To foster the bonds and the complicity within the group, captain Tony McMahon has created a Fantasy Premier League private group. Everyone has to participate paying a small weekly fee (our salary, by now, doesn’t match those of the United players). The game is simple… or so I thought. You’ve got 100 millions of pounds to sign 15 players. Every week you add points depending on how your chosen ones played. What happend to me? When it was my turn to choose my strikers, I already had run out of money! I guess I won’t be able to work as a Sports Manager when I am retired from football! Steven Davies (who is completely crazy and I won’t give you details) chose our league’s name and, by the moment, Gary McKenzie is the leader. But I will kick some asses, for sure!

Well, that’s all, folks. As I said the day of my presentation here, we are not defeated!

Coooooome ooooooon!!!

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