Orlandi’s Monday: Powerlessness



How angry I am my friends. First you train all week hoping that your feet will be ok, but Saturday arrives just to find out that you are a sub. You accept it, pissed off of course but you think that the team comes first, that we had won against Cardiff… And when you are deep in your thoughts you realise that, in just a quarter of an hour, we have conceded three goals!

Fuck. No, I don’t swear very often, but sometimes you have to get it out. I was there on the bench on Saturday and didn’t know where to look. We have had good support from our fans through thick and thin, they were happy and optimistic, and we conceded three goals in the blink of an eye!

The only good think about the game is that we reacted and in the second half we were close to equalising. Joe Lewis kept us in the game with his saves and there were a few minutes in which we were very dangerous and I could see the fear in the Huddersfield bench. But nothing came of it, we lost again and I got really upset as I could do nothing to help the team.

On Saturday night I spoke with a friend from Barcelona on whatsapp. The one who encouraged me to write this weekly diary for the website that he runs with his mates. I have to admit that if it wasn’t for his persuasion and the responsibility I acquired when I agreed to write this, sometimes….You can imagine how I was feeling. Before I forget, it’s the first anniversary of am14.net and I would like to congratulate everybody who makes this website run on a daily basis.

I hope to get back on the team for tomorrow against Derby County, which is going to be a very tough game. They haven’t lost in the last 9 games and have won the last 3 away games. They knocked us out of the play-offs against Brighton and they run like mad. They could be compared to Atletico Madrid because of their personality. A very hard test to prove what we are able to achieve.

By the way, I am writing this in Bloomfield Road changing room, because I got locked in! Edu Oriol, Jeffrey Reintmenster and our new player Jonathan Legear are here with me. We were talking, trying to solve the world’s problems and when we got out there was no one left and all the doors were locked. There is always something new happening in this club…

On a personal note, Norah has started nursery. We managed to get her on board when we found an alternative name (cool school) because otherwise it would have been hard. And the truth is we are very happy. She has a great time, painting, dancing, singing and when we go to pick her up you can tell she’s had a great time. Saying that, there is not one morning in which she doesn’t cry and beg us not to take her to school.

If you don’t know it, my family is Italian so I speak to Norah in Italian. Laura talks to her in Catalan, and Laura and I speak to each other in Spanish. You would say, what a mess! Far from that, she understands all 3 languages and she speaks better every day. And now she has added the English language. She is already used to watching cartoons in English and she could already sing a few songs but hearing that she is “hungry” just two days after going to nursery, sorry I mean the cool school! That makes us very proud.

That is something I really wanted, that when we left England, they would speak perfect English. I am 30 years old, Emma is 6 months old….not sure if this will happen but I’ll try to keep my legs running for a few more years!

My sister Chiara has come to visit. Her birthday is on Monday and we will celebrate it here together. She is 34 already and still looks like a baby! Emma and Norah adore her and I love when she comes to visit. By the way, her birthday is on the same day as my god daughter Sol, the prettiest girl in Swansea without a shadow of a doubt!

By the way, we have been freed! It has been a very entertaining 25 minutes. The picture that you see on top of the article is from this lockout. At least we have taken it with a bit of philosophy…

Do you remember when I wrote about how we played Fantasy Premier League? Giving that we didn’t have any rooms in the hotel and I was bored sitting on a sofa in Huddersfield and decided to concentrate on my team. I signed a player that ended up being very profitable, Graziano Pellé. He was scoring goals, had his first cap with the Italian national team also with a goal….What I didn’t predicted was that he was going to play against Sunderland, my brother in law’s team. Oh my god, 8-0 in Southampton. One of those days in which you wish you never got out of bed. But if anybody has the personality needed to get his team through, it is Poyet. And after a result like that there is always a positive reaction. It is important for the next game. It will be a long week for them and unfortunately I’m speaking from experience.

Not long ago I mentioned that Cubero was a bit desperate because his barber, who is also mine, had left and he didn’t know what to do. Well the problem has been solved. We have found him! In fact, he has found us. He was nice enough to contact us by Facebook and twitter and we were with him on Thursday. From here I am sending him big hugs for his dad who is ill and I tell you that if you are ever in Manchester, there are no better hands than those of Mark Reynolds. Cubero is smiling again!!

What we need now is to smile a bit more. The “three points therapy” would be the best way to do this and the good thing is that in this league, after a bad game you have got another one in three days to recover. Derby County and Reading are on the horizon. First, a crucial test at home and then a visit to London. Hopefully on Monday I will be in a better mood.

Hugs for everyone.

Come ooooooooon!

Traslated by Alfons Vinent.

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